What is a sauna master? It’s more than just a person who cares for your well-being and comfort. It’s a mage of the sauna, controlling the elements of steam and water, holding vast knowledge about nature and its plants. A true master also employs whisking – a unique and incredibly effective technique used to revitalize the body.

A sauna master is a rare and special profession. If you haven’t met a good one yet, you probably haven’t been to a sauna yet! We invite you to discover the luxuries of sauna with the finest masters of Lithuania.


Sauna masters use the power of the elements to help their clients relax and feel good. Learn how you can get to use their skills to enjoy a beautiful pirtis.


If you want to become the best, you have to learn from the best. Learn how you can employ sauna masters and teach your business the secrets of the craft.


Who are the people of this project? Find out more about the sauna masters, their experience in the craft and what can offer for you and your business.

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Visit the beautiful country, see its charming nature and take a tour of the most incredible saunas. Lithuania is ready to impress you - it's time to give it a shot.


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