Professional sauna services

A group of professional sauna masters can help you relax and turn a regular day into a wonderful experience. There is a multitude of services that can be offered but the most prominent include:

  • Whisking

An ancient pirtis technique uses whisks – unique handcrafted brushes, made out of various natural herbs and plants.

Whisking is a special phyto-thermo massage, performed in a hot steam room. It provides emotional and physical relaxation, releases pain, cleans the skin and has many other additional benefits. 

  • Ethno SPA

These procedures are ancient beauty treatments – including scrubs, massages, herbal treatments, and much, much more. Only natural materials are used in the process, they help cleanse as well as treat the body. These procedures do not require high-cost third-party accessories – just knoledge and experience.

  • Special occasions

Pirtis is a great place to celebrate various important dates and create new, beautiful memories. Show elements, procedures, and even education can all be combined to make your special day an unforgettable one.

  • Festivals

In various festivals and events, pirtis may become a great attraction for visitors and tourists. A special team of experts will provide an interesting, yet brilliant attraction. A lot of the procedures can be done on the road too, using mobile saunas and improvising, using local materials.

  • Creative service

Pirtis and pirtis procedures can be a great addition to SPA procedures. Sauna Masters can help your business become brilliant in sauna/pirtis and delight your customers with amazing treatments.
In our Training section, we talk more about can be done to help your business stay ahead of the curve by using amazing pirtis techniques.
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