Training programs

The best way to learn is to learn from a master. This is why we offer special types of training programs, meant to set people on the path to becoming Sauna Masters.

  • Educational programs

Meant for people who want to learn the secrets of Lithuanian pirtis. We offer one-day, one-weekend or multiple-weekend practical courses. They will provide a knowledge base of whisking and making whisks, herbal treatments, traditional body wash/scrub methods, pirtis management.

The courses are a live and intuitive process, allowing to practically experience and later use the special techniques used by the Sauna Masters.

  • Staff trainings

Meant for professionals of SPA and other body work, bespoke staff training courses are meant to help incorporate Lithuanian pirtis into professional body procedures. Tailored specifically for each and every business, these training programs will do two things. They will help make pirtis a part of your standard SPA routine and turn your staff into pirtis professionals. 

  • Camps

If you would like to experience Lithuanian pirtis even more, make sure to visit our Lithuanian pirtis camps. This is an in-depth way of experiencing what it is all about. Meet various experts at the place of their work, get herbal knowledge in the country’s fields and forests. Get an even deeper look into finding out the secrets of our craft. See our inspiration in where it all started!